Price Match Guarantee

Buy with Confidence

Power Office Products strives to bring you the lowest prices available on the internet. You can rest assure that our Price Match Guarantee has you covered when it comes to prices. If you find any item lower on a leading competitors website then we will match or beat the price. Guaranteed!

How Does the Price Match Guarantee Work?

We offer to match or beat the price of any leading competitor. Simply verify where you saw the lower price and our sales staff will over ride the lower price on your order.

How to Claim

To request a price match from Power Office Products, all you need to do is send us an email with the information of the products, lower advertised price, name of competitor, and the URL to the product on the competitors website.

We reserve the right to cancel, modify, or discontinue our Price Match Guarantee in the future without notice. However, if your request is eligible, we will honor your request the best we can.

Terms and Exclusions

  • Our Price Match Guarantee covers the advertised price of identical products priced lower by our leading competitor
  • The advertised price of competitor is referred to as original price before calculating any coupons, savings, and discounts
  • The lower advertised price must be active at the time request
  • Our Price Match Guarantee does not cover:
    • Auction based sites or marketplace website with 3rd party vendors
    • A competitor offering a product for free during promotion, having the item on sale for less than 6 hours, clearance or close out sales, or bundle offers
    • A limited quantities item or sold out item from our competitor
    • A major retailer's item which is out of stock/not available for immediate shipment or which is offered in limited quantities.
    • A lower price that is under our cost
    • An item that is priced lower for being open box or refurbished
    • Any add-on services, product warranties, or installation services
    • A price that may have occurred from a typing error

*Leading competitors include:,,,,,,,,,,

If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service at